Thank you so much for lending your voice to our efforts, coming out to the polls, and supporting us in June 2017! We are honored to represent you.

We are an alliance of progressive friends and neighbors from across Hudson County who serve on our Democratic County Committee. 

Our goal is to make sure that our neighbors are active and engaged in our local, state, and national elections. We want to do that by building meaningful, ground-up connections from our communities to our local Democratic party platform.


as your representatives, we commit to:

  • Bringing your quality of life concerns to the relevant elected officials.

  • Increasing voter registration and participation in our districts.

  • Ensuring that our community has a say in who gets the Democratic party endorsement.


Why does this matter?

If we want our state and country to move in a more progressive direction, we have to make it happen together. As a first step, we have to do a better job of using the platforms we currently have in our own communities, like our local Democratic organizations and committees, to make progress. That's why we ran for these seats--thank you for supporting us!